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Man or Mission, What comes first?

man maskulinitet text Sep 15, 2021

It is not the man that makes the mission it is the mission that makes the man. 

I see many men around me including myself that are in search of their full masculine power. There is often some gloominess over the eyes a bit of a silenced voice and self-oriented development growth work. Doing practices of yoga, meditation, theater, learning a craft, or similar. Being wonderful men the rootedness is not there and even tho amazing men there is a centered power that is lacking. In myself, there can be an idea of myself building up strength so that I can make miracles.

But how can I connect and feel the full power that is within my potential?

I believe that we always get presented with challenges that we can handle and that this is the universe's way of offering us a chance to grow tremendously. It is in these challenges and missions we are presented with the opportunity to grow and act out of our fullest power and potential.

Way too often our muscle for handling is trained very little or not at all. Giving an experience of overwhelmedness instead of excitement and willingness to concur with the mission.

However, it is only being in a mission that seems impossible to win that we need to use all of our resources and bring out the full power of our being.

There are many men that have practiced this muscle for a long time being outside their comfort zone and eating challenges that for outers seem impossible for breakfast. This focus, relaxation strength that is then presented is the true power of the warrior. That has been training for years for this battle. Not getting tense trying to remember every technique end method learnt but the opposite having grace and knowing that my body and mind know what to do I have faith that my being will solve this obstacle for its best ability.

Coming out of a challenge we have two options to feel beaten down and overwhelmed or as winners that have given our all and learned something new and we are more ready for the next challenge.

In our very comfortable society, it is easy to hide behind the comfort of the middle class that everything is ok.

Where can we find a mission that makes us man up and be as good as we can be? I think this starts with the goals you have for yourself. If you have goals of feeling ok and not experience and pain of you have goals to grow tremendously. The missions you will be presented to you will be very different and your growth will be a direct result of the size of your mission.

Do you believe in your inner power and strength to make the impossible possible? Do you have what it takes?

Nu har jag tagit fram en workshop som guidar män att få deras Nice Guy att sluta kontrollera dem så att de kan skapa det liv, sex och relationer de verkligen vill ha. 

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